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Discover your family's rich history with the Ancestral Origins Gold Bundle. This comprehensive package allows 20 hours of research to trace your ancestry back 3-6 generations, providing you with insights into your family's origins and heritage. With access to various historical records and genealogical databases, you can uncover the stories of your ancestors and understand how they shaped your family's narrative. Our team of experienced genealogists will work tirelessly to uncover the hidden gems of your family history, providing you with a detailed report and family tree. The Ancestral Origins Gold Bundle is the perfect tool to unlock the mysteries of your family's past and create a lasting legacy for future generations. Let us help you connect the dots and uncover the fascinating stories that make up your unique family heritage.

4. Ancestral Origins Gold Bundle

SKU: KFH 004
    • One-On-One Consultation
    • 20 hours of research services
    • Full color printed copy of your family tree report using Family Tree Marker software (including any photos provided)
    • Copies of all documents found during the research period.
    • Scrapbook with photos and documents
    • Family Crest

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