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Book A Free Consultation

The one-hour consultation is a personalized and customized service designed to help clients understand their family history and genealogy. During this session, the client will have the opportunity to discuss their specific research goals and ask questions related to their family history research process. Our experienced genealogist will use their expertise and tools to conduct a preliminary search and provide valuable insights into information that could possibly be found about the client's lineage.

The consultation will cover various aspects of the client's family tree, including family origins, migration patterns, and historical events. The client will also have the opportunity to share their family photos and documents, if applicable. The genealogist will then analyze these documents and other sources to identify any relevant information that can enrich the client's family tree. 


To effectively undertake such a project, it is essential to choose a genealogy package that aligns with your project needs and budget. The client will also receive guidance on best practices for organizing and preserving their family history.

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