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What are we up to?

Genealogy is more than names, dates, and places. It's the stories of our ancestors, but it's also about the African American community and how we are interconnected.


As a genealogist, I am constantly engaged in a variety of projects that aim to assist other researchers. These projects enhance my understanding of genealogical methoand allows me to delve deeper into my own family history. Whether it is providing research assistance, expanding my knowledge through educational resources, or unraveling the mysteries of my ancestry, each project presents its unique challenges and rewards. Some of the projects for which I am involved: 

  • Find-A-Grave -  The Find a Grave website lets users explore cemeteries and grave sites worldwide. Individuals can connect with their ancestors and pay tribute to their dearly departed through the repository of human and pet burial records. The vast online database of Find a Grave is a great resource for those researching their family history. As a volunteer on Find a Grave, my primary focus is the cemetery of my ancestors and their descendants. By dedicating time and effort to researching and documenting these grave sites, I aim to preserve the memory of those who came before me and honor their legacy. This personal connection to the cemetery fuels my dedication to creating a meaningful online tribute.

  • Black Families of Barnwell County, SC – DNA Project – Using the DNA results posted on GEDMatch, the purpose of this project is to connect African American descendants, whose ancestors originated in the old Barnwell District, through DNA testing and genealogical research. Most of these families were separated by slavery and migration to other areas of the country, but many ended up in the newly formed counties after slavery ended. Our hope is that genetic genealogy and thorough family history research will be able to connect some of the many interrelated families originating in Barnwell and Bamberg Counties in South Carolina. This group is connected on Facebook.


One of the most satisfying aspects of being a genealogist is the opportunity to aid other researchers in their quest to uncover their family histories. Whether they are searching for long-lost ancestors or trying to piece together a fragmented family tree, I strive to provide them with accurate and relevant information. This involves conducting in-depth research, analyzing historical records, and utilizing various genealogical tools and resources. By collaborating with other researchers, we can collectively uncover fascinating stories and shed light on our shared past. 

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