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Genealogy is My Passion

Hey Fellow Family History Enthusiasts! 🌳✨

Picture this: 1997, was the year I caught the family history bug, and dang it, there's no turning back! It all started when two of my first cousins 1x removed, Josephus Hicks and Lovant Hicks III, shared the wonders of my paternal family tree with me. They were my family history superheroes and I affectionately called them my uncles.

At first, I was all about the long list of folks who shared my last name. But then, oh, the intrigue hit me like a genealogical lightning bolt! Where did these awesome people come from, and what's their story? That's when I decided to dive headfirst into both my paternal and maternal lines and let me tell you, I'm absolutely hooked on this ancestral journey!

Now, I've got this burning passion to help others unearth their family sagas. I mean, who wouldn't want to embark on a journey to discover the hidden gems in their family history, right? 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️

And let's talk about the richness of African American history – it's like this treasure trove waiting to be explored. Our schools barely scratch the surface, but by digging into our own stories, we're not just setting the record straight; we're honoring our ancestors, our personal heroes and heroines. It's like adding puzzle pieces to the grand mosaic of Black American history!

The Probate Office at the Barnwell County Courthouse

in Barnwell County, South Carolina

Being a genealogist is not just a hobby; it's a soul-satisfying quest. Every project brings its own set of challenges, but the rewards? Oh, they're immeasurable! We're not just uncovering stories; we're weaving connections that tie us to the past in the most meaningful way.

So, here's to unraveling the mysteries, knocking down brick walls, learning together, and celebrating the incredible tapestry of our family histories. Let's dive into the past, make some magic happen, and create a legacy that'll leave future generations saying, "Wow, this is "who" I am and "whose" I am. We are our ancestor's wildest dreams.


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