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Who We Are

Vanessa Salley-Frink & Nicole Hicks (cousins)

KinFolks are distant cousins who found each other on, while researching our family's roots.

We are passionate about discovering where our people come from and how we came to be. All families have a history. Some of it tragic, some of it inspiring, and all of it is part of your personal story. We help you tell the untold stories of your heroes and heroines. Family histories and family trees are a great way to do that!

Let us create a family tree that shows your roots, the branches, its leaves and create a legacy for future generations. We would be honored to help you and your family discover those relatives who have been mysterious figures in family legend and lore.

Why entrust us with your family history? Because we love this! Because we are determined to help you discover your family and its rich history! Because we are passionate about helping you learn more about who you are, where you came from, and why your family's lineage and their stories matter!

Let us put our 20 years of research experience to work for you!

Carolyn V. Salley-Frink

Genealogist/Family Historian

Family, there’s nothing like it! I began my journey in 2007 when my cousin asked me to help build a tree that would represent our “Salley/Reed” Family. I was honored and excited to be doing something I absolutely loved – History; not just any history, but my own! As I began to research census, death, military records, etc. I became more intrigued with learning more about my family.

Researching the archives in Barnwell, Bamberg, and Orangeburg counties excited me and the National Archives in Washington DC left me speechless! As my passion grew and so did my family. I’ve been blessed to meet and connect with several new family members over the last 10 years. My extended family members have afforded me new and nourishing family ties that feels just like HOME. Talking with my “new” family oftentimes allowed me to fill in the gaps of Aunts and Uncles “lost” to me due to their migration North or marriage; I was also able to assist with helping those who didn’t have a vision of their South Carolina roots. I’d like to help you too!

Nicole Hicks

Genealogist/Family Historian

I was bitten by the family history bug in 1997. My cousins, Josephus Hicks and Lovant Hicks, III, whom I affectionately called my uncles, used to share their family history research with me. I became fascinated first with all of the people who shared my last name, then I became intrigued with were they came from, and finally I had the desire to trace my ancestry on my both my paternal and maternal family lines! I am hooked! And now I want to help others learn about their family's story!

This is why I am pursuing a professional certification in genealogy. Along with my cousin and partner in genealogy, Vanessa Salley-Frink, I hope that our company will thrive and we will be able to show others how exciting family history can be!

Why Us?

Because we love this! Because we are determined to learn about our history! Because we are passionate about helping others learn about their family's lineage and their stories!

Let us put our 20 years of research experience to work for you!

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