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Clients are required to pay for the selected research package in full before research can begin.  A receipt for the purchase of the research fees and expenses will be sent upon payment and the Client will receive their research report and documents shortly thereafter.  We do not guarantee that we will resolve all of your genealogy inquires; however, we will exhaust all resources at our disposal to write the most factual research report possible.


Authorization of Additional Time


It is difficult to determine how much time it will take to solve a research problem or find various records that will confirm a Client’s ancestry.  Naturally, smaller research projects take less time than larger ones; however, our researchers may encounter problems locating records or gathering additional information from Clients.  For example, we estimate that a 30-hour research project can take up to 8 weeks to complete depending on the number of other projects we are working on and how readily available records are for a specified location.  If we need more time and resources to complete a project, KinFolks will consult with the Client for approval of additional time and with the amount of the additional charges prior to proceeding with the further research.